Hey there!

Thanks for visiting my site. I’m Suthen.

I am on the path of re-orienting my life around the things I enjoy doing.

My intentions:

  1. Learn how to build great companies
  2. Exploring the future of work - particularly the rise of no code tools
  3. Helping others understand how to gain financial independence

Recent accomplishments:

  • Leading a team at Constellation Software focusing on corporate development and M&A in the North American and European region
  • Worked at Knowledgehook as their Head of Growth - built up a cross-functional team handling projects relating to growth design, content marketing and events
  • Started a writing fellowship with David Perell and wrote a 10,000 word essay on Walt Disney's vision for cities
  • Worked at GrowthGenius as their Director of Operations - growing from 5 to 35 employees and $200k in MRR in less than 18 months
  • Selected as one of 25 fellows in Ontario to research the future of work at MaRS Discovery District and present policy recommendations to the provincial government

I’m a huge basketball fan - fortunate enough to see the Raptors win the 2019 NBA Championship and get a job as a seat holder at the 2016 NBA All Star Game in Toronto (probably the best job I will ever have).

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Key Results
Write of Passage Fellowship
Build a program where writers can work together to create 'word-class' essays on topics that they choose

Partnered with David Perell and his Write of Passage Program to launch this idea

Wrote a 10,000 word essay on Walt Disney and his vision for the city of tomorrow

Check out the final product of all our essays here!

Twitter can be an incredible growth channel once you have built an audience.

A lot of writers are lonely and would welcome the opportunity to be a part of an accountability group.

Smart people have a knack of consistently consuming large amounts of information.

Write 10,000 words requires intense research!

Building a Second Brain
Make it easier to capture and share information for my future self using a personal knowledge management system

Built a 'second brain' using Evernote

Got into the habit of taking down notes whenever I encounter new information (~2-3 notes per day)

Increased my organization skills and productivity by clearly defining my list of current projects vs. backlog items

Humans are being bombarded with a lot of information and the brain is not designed to remember and retrieve it all in the time of need

All in one integrated tools may not lead to productivity enhancements

Write of Passage
Build a sustainable content output strategy

Created my personal newsletter - suthensiva.substack.com! 

Kept my weekly blog for over three months.

Built a subscriber base of 150+ people in the past two months

Your personal website is like your online resume. It's important to start early and continue to iterate on it.

A number of opportunities have come from sharing my writing online. You just don't know where it will come from until you try.